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ICDoctor Appointment is an online doctor appointment script. Site users can view doctors, view availability and book
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26 November 2013

Editor's review

Most large medical centers and hospitals today allow their patients to access information about their services online. Now if you own or manage a medical center and wish to provide a host of services to your patients ranging from online appointments to collation of patient information then you need to try out the ICDoctorAppointment 1.3 script. It essentially helps you create an online interface for helping patient search for doctor appointments based on their specialization, while allowing you to manage schedules of your consultants.

The ICDoctorAppointment 1.3 script is based on PHP and works with a MySQL database. So if you already have a website that is running on PHP, it can be easily integrated into the site. The process is very simple as the patient just needs to select specialization and the respective doctor on a particular time and date. Next he needs to fill in his details and book the appointment if available. Apart from helping your patient book appointments the script is quite capable of helping you in setting the shifts. You can quickly set the appointment periods and days of work for each specific doctor and even group them by specialization. As an administrator you will have a bird’s eye view of all appointments and you may choose to cancel any of them if needed. Further once an appointment has been made the patient is notified by an email and as administrator you can even change the email templates and content. The admin panel of the script is quite intuitive and even an average user can learn to operate it. Moreover the developers of the script can be contacted in case you wish to customize it to your specifications.

The ICDoctorAppointment 1.3 comes across as a versatile application that scores well on account of its robust coding and well defined functions which earns it a score of three and half rating points.

Publisher's description

ICDoctor Appointment is an online doctor appointment script. Site users can view doctors, view availability and book doctor appointments. Administrator can view and manage the appointments.
Site Users:
Users can book a doctor appointment by:
- choosing a specialization they want to book a doctor appointment.
- choosing a doctor form the list of doctors.
- clicking the date and time they need the appointment.
- entering personal information.
users will receive an email with all appointments details.
Admin Panel:
Administrator can:
- Manage specialization.
- Manage doctors.
- Manage shifts.
- Manage days of work.
- Manage appointment periods.
- View a list of appointments, and cancel them.
- View history appointments.
- Edit email templates.
Main Features:
User chooses a specialization and doctor.
User selectes date and time.
User fills in personal information.
Admin can view and manage appointments.
Manage doctors.
Manage appointment period.
Version 1.3
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